• Music player, speakers & computer
  • Beach ball or medium-size ball


1. Gather in a circle
2. Toss a ball to music
3. When music stops, the person with the ball has to go into the middle of the circle and sing their country’s national anthem
4. This continues until all anthems have been sung

If you do not have a music player, you can ask people to toss the ball and count tosses until you reach the number 5 and that person has to sing or toss ball to someone who hasn't.

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Kenyans Collectively Sing their National Anthem: February, 2011

Organizers said the grassroots effort is aimed at promoting unity in the east African nation, where ethnic violence left more than 1,000 people dead after disputed elections four years ago.

"The whole point is to unite Kenyans in one action and provoke reflection about personal responsibility," said organizer Al Kags.

"We decided to go with the national anthem because it is the main prayer that binds us together. It's a clarion call that transcends all boundaries -- physical, mental, tribal, you name it."

Francis Mwiwa, 29, crawled out of bed to join in the singing from the Toronto suburb of Brampton.

"At the very least, I hope singing the national anthem together jolts regular Kenyans into looking at the big picture," Mwiwa said. "Ethnic and tribal differences are obsolete. Instead of fighting amongst ourselves, we should be busy competing with the rest of the world."

The movement started on social media, and later expanded offline.