Social Media and Learning

How is Technology Changing Learning?

Webinar and Conference Platforms

Google Forms

Google Docs/Forms Documentation from Google

Introduction to Google Forms by Matt Silverman

Choose Your Own Adventure with Google Forms


How To Use Delicious For Curriculum Research

RSS To Javascript

NpTag Wikispace This is a wikitation that I created for a Webinar I did on tagging. You'll find lots of links to tutorials about using delicious.

SlideShare To Share or Research

What is SlideShare and Tour

The Social Life of Powerpoint Presentations or Why I Love Slide Share by Beth Kanter

SlideShare Ribbon for Powerpoint(use SlideShare features inside of Powerpoint)

How To Design Your Presentations for Social Sharing


Wikitation - Using Wikis As A Hub for Your Training Session: Before, During, and After

Wikis for presentations by Stewart Mader

A few good free wikis: wikispaces, wetpaint, pbwiki

Twitter As Back Channel

This is an excellent resource filled with great tips on how to use Twitter as a back channel, but also includes some guidelines for helping you plan out a presentation so it is more social. The book web site has lots of useful resources.

List of Backchannel Tools

Olivia Mitchell: How to Present with Twitter (and other Backchannels)

Embracing the Back Channel (via Johana Bates)

Search Twitter Streams further back then 10 days with snapbird

Documenting Your Workshop With Photos and Videos

Flip Video Camera
iPhone or digital camera (iPhone is great because you can snap photos during the session and get them immediately online or on Twitter)

Photo/Video Sharing Sites/Apps
QIK iPhone App is Available by Mashable
FlickIt Iphone App

Flip Camera Inspiration and Resources by Beth Kanter
How Nonprofits Can Get the Most Out of Flickr by Beth Kanter, on TechSoup
TubeChop: Let's you take a snippet of a YouTube Video and Republish It

Some examples of how I use these tools to document:

Used QiK on my iPhone to document process during the class - in this example, an exercise I was doing.
Can use Flip camera to do same if you need better quality video
Interview at the end where there is a particular "ah ha" moment shared in class - in this case also captured a white board diagram
Another example of interview about the what was learned

A Few Tricks With Powerpoint

Some cool tools to embed live Twitter feeds in your PPT
Tweeting from Powerpoint
Powerpoint Timer
Slide w/Timer