Facilitation Tips and Resources

Nancy's Curated List of Resources for the Presentation

Why Important
Physicists Seek To Loose the Lecture

Beth's Posts
Posts summarizing my training sessions
Visual Meeting Techniques
Living Case Study technique
Designing Webinars: Effective Learning Experiences
Creative Energizers
Keep Them Moving
Move if ..
Icebreaker: Just Two Words
Designing Effective Learning Experiences (flickr)

Face-to-Face Methods
Knowledge Sharing Wiki: A list of facilitation methods for trainers to make the sessions work active.
Unconference Facilitation Methods - A description of several techniques for facilitating large and small groups
Reflective Practice Resources - A comprehensive list of resources and materials from Michele Martin
Share Fair - Descriptions of different methods, practical instructions
Rocking the SpectraGram
Liberating Structures
Face-to-Face Facilitation Methods

Online Methods
Nancy White's Online Facilitation Wiki - extensive resources and links

Participatory Methods